Prestressed Concrete Strand

Hunan Xianggang is one of the largest PC steel strand producers in China.We offer a complete seven-line product line that meets production requirements of ASTM A416, BS5896, GB/T5224 . With high tensile strength and low relaxation characteristics, it is widely used in bridge and building construction, highway, railway, water conservancy hub, lifting engineering, post-tension anchorage system, covering pre-tension and post-tension fields.Our experienced national and international sales teams are ready to provide you with the services and support you need to meet your specific requirements.

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Raw material High Carbon Steel Wire
Process Method After surface treatment, it is cold drawn into steel wire. The strand structure will be a number of steel wires stranded into shares, then stress relief treatment by way of a stabilization process.
Feature high tensile strength, low relaxation , stable elasticity modulus, stress relief, integrated firmly with concrete
Standard ASTM A416、BS5896、GB/T5224、KS D7002、AS/N2S 4672
Application highways, railways, bridge and building construction, hydro-junction, lifting projects, ground anchorage system, covering pre-tension and post tension field.


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